Mr.Yueliang Xi


Office Phone:86-21-20262804

Office Location:Room 701Building 10



China Central Academy of Fine Arts 

Working Experience:

Member of Communist Party Members

National First-class Artist

Famous Artist of Chinese Artists Association

Dean of the school of arts and design of Sanda University

Leader of Design Discipline

Outstanding University Teacher of Shanghai

Member of Shanghai University Art and Design Steering Committee

Research Works:

Engaged in artistic research and design teaching for a long time, the director of the ministry education state-level quality coursesColor in 2005 and Shanghai high-quality courseHand Drawing Performance Techniquesin 2013; Founder and first host of the third batch of pilot programs in the ministry of education-commercial art. The provincial teaching achievement award first prize host. The works were selected by the Chinese Artists Association and China Federation of Literary and Art Circles exhibition host by the ministry of culture, more than 30 awards were awarded. The chief editor and publisher ofTeaching Materials for the Art Design Planning of the National Institutes of Collegeandthe Education Planning Textbook of Public Art of the National Institutes of College, 18 national quality courses teaching materials and planning textbooks were written, such as,Introduction of Design andPerspective View and Express Method; 5 personal monographs were published, and were selected forthe Complete Collection of Chinese Modern Art andthe History of Chinese Watercolor Painting. Participate in art exchange activities in more than 10 countries and regions, including United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.

Mainly TeachingSubjects:

Manual Rendering Techniques,PackageDesign, Design Introduction








Mrs. YeWang

Deputy Dean

Office Phone:202622626-10711

Office Location:Room 711Building 10


1994.09-1997.04Master in Architecture, Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology City Planning, Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology

Working Experience:

l2007.09---present Deputy Dean, Vice Professor , School of Art & Design , Sanda University, Shanghai

l2005.02---2007.08 Lecture, Art Design Department, Sanda University, Shanghai

l2002.06---2003-06 Visiting Scholar, Architecture & City Planning Department, University of Stuttgart, Germany

l1997.05---2004.10 Lecture, Architecture Department, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an

Research Works:

l2015Shanghai Undergraduate Key Education Reform Project (Project Leader)

l2016Shanghai Sanda University Major Content Research Project (Project Leader)

l2011Shanghai Private University Core Teacher Research Project (Project Leader)

l2009Shanghai Education and Scientific Research Innovation Project (Project Leader)

l2005Shanghai University Selecting and Training the Key Members of the Outstanding Young Teacher Research Fund (Project Leader)

Mainly TeachingSubjects:  

Landscape Design, Interior Design, History of Chinese and foreign architecture







Mrs.Lingyan Fan

Assistant to Dean

Office Location:Room 709,Building 10



Shanghai University  


lIn 2008, got the title of Outstanding Teacher of National Private Art Education.

lIn 2011, won the award of Excellent Guide Teacher of The fourth National Private School Art Competition.

lIn 2012, won the award of Excellent Guide Teacher of The Fifth National Private School Art Competition.

lIn 2013, Got the title of Excellent Education Worker of Shanghai Sanda University. In 2013, won the award of Best Advisor for the Chinese Architecture and Art “Youth Designer Award”.

lIn 2014, won the award of Excellent Guide Teacher for the First “Oufang Cup”Shanghai College Students Interior Design Competition.

lIn 2015, won the award of Excellent Organization Teacher and Excellent Guide Teacher in the Seventh National Art Education Achievement Exhibition and Evaluation, won the award of Excellent Guide Teacher in The fifth “Chinese Architecture”National Environment Art Design Biennial Exhibition.

lIn 2016, won the award of Excellent Guide Teacher in “Sanda’s Fall”Annual Innovation and Enterpreneurship Education Achievement, won the award of Excellent Institution Organizer in the Eighth“Quanzhu Cup” College Students Creative Design Competition of Shanghai, won the award of Guide Teacher in the CIID 2016 “New Cup”National College Students Interior Design Competition.

Research Works:

lInterior Design Principles , Second author, China Electric Power Press, June 2016.

lExhibition Design, Fourth author, China Electric Power Press, June 2008.

lLobby Design--The Research of Art Space Environment for the Entrance of Museum, the Advance Youth project, 2008,Shanghai Municipal Education Committee, project leader.

lThe Application and Research in the Campus Environment Design of Public Art, the Core Teachers Scientific Research Project of Shanghai Private Higher Learning Institution,2011, project leader.

lInterior Design of Residential Buildings, 2015 key course in Shanghai, Project Leader.

lLandscape Design, 2016 quality course in Shanghai, Project Participant.

lTechnique Expression of Hand-drawn Renderings, 2013 quality course in Shanghai, Project Participant.

l2015Shanghai main bachelor teaching reform project,Build the “Integrate-Crossed-Open”Practical Practical Teaching System Research of Bachelor Environment Design, main participant.

lSchool-level great construction of connotative project, 20,16,The research of the Cultivation Pattern of Design Science Applied Talent Based on theWhole Course Practice Theory, main participant.

lInterior Design Language and Spiritual Dialogue, Appreciation, August 2017, P71.

lOn Relationship Between Interior Design and Architectural Design, House And Real Estate, June 2017, P17.

lConstruction of Interior Design Course Based on School Enterprise Cooperation, Course Education Research, November 2017P14

Mainly Teaching Subjects:

Interior Design of Residential Architecture, Interior Design of Commercial Architecture; Interior Design of Office Architecture, Exhibition Display Design, Interpretation Thinking and Artistic Expression of Design


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