Shengxiang School of Business (SSB), founded by professors from three top universities in China, opened a 2-year international business program in 1992 and a 2-year international finance program in 1993. The school began to offer three-year diploma programs starting from 1995. In 2000, the school opened Marketing program. The school consists of departments of international economy and trade, finance, accounting, marketing, and law, offering programs of international economy and trade (Sino-US cooperation), international economy and trade, finance, marketing, accounting, financial management and law. 


Approved by China’s Ministry of Education in 2002, Sanda became one of the first private universities in Shanghai. Meanwhile, the four programs offered by SSB (i.e. international economy and trade, finance, accounting, and marketing) became undergraduate programs. SSB began to offer programs of law and financial management from 2005 and 2006 respectively.


Approved by Shanghai Municipal Ministry of Education in 2002, SSB started the cooperation of “International Economy and Trade” program (Sino-US cooperation) with Rider University of America. The international economy and trade major got awarded and funded by both China’s Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Ministry of Education in 2008, and finance major by Shanghai Municipal Ministry of Education in 2009. In 2012, Finance was selected as the professional comprehensive reform pilot project in “the Twelfth-five years plan” of undergraduate teaching by Shanghai Municipal Ministry of Education Commission. In 2012, “Training Mode Research and Practice of Private Colleges’ Accounting Professional” of the Department of Accounting was approved as a key undergraduate teaching reform project in Shanghai. In 2011 and 2015, Law and Finance were approved foreign teacher project of Shanghai. In 2012, SSB was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission as the first batch of Shanghai Universities innovation and entrepreneurship education experiment base. In 2013, SSB achieved “The key connotation construction research project of the year 2012 for Private Colleges and Universities.


SSB has more than 4000 studentswhich is nearly 1/3 of the whole university. With a full-time faculty of 53, of whom there are 17 professors, and 16 teachers holds a degree from oversea universities, as well as 21 administration staff and counselors, the team of SSB is relatively comprehensive and reasonable both in subject and structure.


Focusing on the goal of training professionals with Appliance and Globalization ability, SSB created its special teaching systems. As a model project of Shanghai private education, SSB’s practical teaching center has a floor area of more than 1000 square meters, with a total investment of RMB5.065 million (over USD832,000). The center has four integrated business computer rooms and seven laboratories for different functions. From 2013 to 2015, the total government invest is 22,4million.


Each subject has its own practice sites, where practical courses of different types and different ways can be held.SSB practice teaching center has built 4 business integrated labs7 labs with different functions, 1 business processing multi-disciplinary integrating practice room and 1 economy information service center. The integrated lab has been equipped with professional software, which is helpful for simulating practice teaching of FinanceAccountingFinancial ManagementInternational Trade and Marketing. The 7 labs with different functions are internal processes laboratory, external processes laboratory, interactive laboratory, moot court, multi-purpose library, a currency exhibition room and international business communication laboratory ,which are offered for students to demonstrate business topics, training communication, negotiation, consultation and other communication skills, while providing venues and the necessary tools for the second class and professional skills competition. Economic information services center has been fitted with advanced Bloomberg data, which used a terminal that can provide first-hand international economic information. In 2015, the business processes integrated training room simulated real business operations, fulfilled multi-disciplinary comprehensive training for the first time, provided necessary support to the reform and innovation of practice teaching.


SSB has established communications and cooperation with more than 20 universities from America, Finland, Holland, Bulgaria and Taiwan, Hongkong. Programs as students exchange, double degree, summer camp, teacher exchange has provided new opportunities for students and promoted the vitality of teaching.


SSB has been devoted itself to academic subject construction, faculty development, teaching reform and management, bilingual teaching and practical teaching. The school regularly brings in outside experts to deliver academic lectures every semester. SSB has obtained great achievements in teaching, research, subject construction, teaching material construction, faculty development, and practical center construction. Also, SSB constantly strengthens student management to get the students better prepared for their career. With their good skills in English, computer and other hands-on abilities, SSB graduates are very welcome by their employers. They have made contributions to the development of Shanghai and the local community.

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